Air-rail superstructure
Frankfurt Main Airport

office - and administration buildings


As Frankfurt Airport has scarcely any land still available for development purposes, in conjunction with planning procedures for the new high-speed train station, the possibility of building a superstructure to cover the entire station and rail tracks was explored.
The key issue: it had to be possible to complete the work in stages and without hampering on-going rail services in the station below.
Given the extremely exposed location in the vicinity of the interstate, a form of satellite well in front of the actual airport buildings, a striking stand-alone building was proposed: An AIRSHIP that docks on to the airport’s jetties.
Whereas from the outside the edifice responds to the outsize surroundings of the surroundings, on the inside it references the size of people. 
The large glass-covered MALL functions as a public thoroughfare and green park with gardens and expanses of water.
Based on this plannings the SQUAIRE has been realized with a buzzing area of activity featuring restaurants, shops, a hotel, plazas, walkways, areas of greenery, bridges etc.
Deutsche Bahn AG / Fraport AG
Planning Services: 
General planning service phase 1-9
Project Architect: 
Frank Menzel, Wojtek Kossowski
187,000 m² gross surface area
Energy Concept: 
Transsolar, Stuttgart
Structural Planning: 
Krebs und Kiefer, Darmstadt
BSE – Building Services Equipment: 
CBP München
Building Physics: 
ITL Limmer, München
Fire Protection: 
Ziller ASS, Frankfurt