From the jury’s records:
The design submitted sets up a dialogue between the location and the differing development context of the Taschenbergpalais and the buildings on Wilsdruffer Strasse by means of variations in the North/South façade design.
As such it fulfills the function of a point of transition between the buildings of the Old Town and modern day architecture. 
The configuration on the interior follows the main axis of the Taschenbergpalais and on the upper stories is distributed along the lines of rooms via access galleries. The requirement that the height of the eaves and the ridges of the Taschenbergpalais be articulated is adhered to only in part – merely by means of staggering the loggias and access galleries. 
The facades reference the location and as a result of the diffuse transparency of the access galleries do not compete with the Taschenbergpalais.
Together with the Church of St. Sophia the raised end building creates an almost dramatic picture, the dominant nature of which must be examined.
However, on the whole the architectural design corresponds with great consistency to the demand on the part of those organizing the competition for individuality, without intruding on the neighboring historic buildings.
In summary the overall internal harmony between function and solutions for the engineering challenges and the architecture is remarkable.
2nd prize
Competition type: 
Internat. Competition