Terminal Building
Frankfurt Main Airport

commercial and industrial buildings


The so-called TERMINAL BUILDING links Frankfurt Airport with the German high-speed rail system. 
Hovering in an exposed position directly above the A3 interstate, the building, with its curved metal façade, creates a striking gateway to the airport.
The approx. 200-meter long passenger tube, which links the high-speed railway station with Terminal 1 in the form of a bridge with an elliptical cross-section, is the backbone of the construction. 
Measuring 84m x 75m in total there are check-in areas and baggage retrieval on both sides as well as baggage handling facilities for departing air passengers.
The technical level, featuring the baggage forward system and building services engineering systems is located beneath the passenger level, integrated in the bridge construction.
In order to be able to realize the high-curvature facade, totally new construction elements had to be created, for example curved superstructure glazing (noise protection class 5) with spans of 2.80 m, curved glass sliding doors, de-icing facilities to prevent snow and ice falling on the interstate beneath, elliptically curved steel girders with spherically tapered  profiles etc.
Deutsche Bahn AG, user/co-developer Fraport AG
Planning Services: 
General planning service phase 1-9
Project Architect: 
Frank Menzel, Wojtek Kossowski
Start of Construction: 
Completion Date: 
10.000 m² gross surface area
Energy Concept: 
Transsolar, Stuttgart
Structural Planning: 
Krebs und Kiefer, Darmstadt
BSE – Building Services Equipment: 
CBP München
Building Physics: 
ITL Limmer, München
Fire Protection: 
Ziller ASS, Frankfurt
Lighting Design: 
Peter Andres Ingenieure, Hamburg
Thomas Ott, Darmstadt