Congress Center

office - and administration buildings


So as to do justice to the small individual sections of a hotel complex that has developed over the course of centuries, the extremely spacious Congress Center, which will measure in total 115 x 70 m – nestles in the plot like a hillock.
The arch-shaped covering of the hall corresponds to the flow of forces, thus enabling an extremely minimized and in terms of size reduced supporting structure.
Those rooms located in the landscaped embankment are lit by means of atria.
The façade of the large hall faces the hotel complex and the illustrious approach road, while opposite and along the edge of the woods there are plans for an open car park with 650 spaces.
Octavian Hotel Holding, Frankfurt
Planning Services: 
Service phase 1-3
7,000 m² gross surface area
Structural Planning: 
Bollinger und Grohmann, Frankfurt