Bundesrat building


From the jury’s records:
The entry stands out for its clear, significant avowal to a new building, striking out for an unorthodox approach to the listed building. The jury’s judgment is therefore highly controversial.
The quality of the interior, which is at one and the same time spacious and yet individual, received particular unqualified praised. It is exciting to be in and provides excellent workspaces. 
The excessive impact of the building in terms of urban planning, however, resulting from its circular form and height, is controversial.
Whereas one section of the jury praised the subtle way in which the architect transforms the corner of the academy building into an upgraded object that captures the eye in the interior of the large hall, thereby allowing old and new to enter into intense dialogue, the other section rejected this approach to the history of the building as insensitive.
Nonetheless it is still true to say that the entry stands out for the boldness of the concept and for its many outstanding qualities.
Federal Republic of Germany
3rd prize
Competition type: 
Free competition