Airport Kielce
Kielce, Poland


A new regional airport is planned for Kielce in Poland.
The entire project has been put out to tender with runway, apron, hangars, cargo areas, tower, hotel, retail space, parking etc.
A modular system was selected to provide phased development beginning with 500,000 passengers per year and increasing to 4.5 million.
A ground level passenger handling solution is planned for the terminal to minimise costs. Arrivals and departures are organised so that they can be independently laterally extended in complete operations blocks.
Branching supports on a 15 x 15m grid support a light roof structure. 
A sprinkling of skylights in the roof provide good lighting to the entire area.
Offices and the main restaurant are located on a gallery level.
City of Kielce
Ove Arup London / Warschau
Competition type: 
Competition with prequalification