Floating Architecture


A floating mobile architecture was developed to enliven the Lausitz lake landscape, which was created in an old lignite quarrying area. The houseboat’s maximum dimensions are based on the canal widths between the different lakes and the clearance of the bridges, it can accommodate 6 people. An integrated energy concept must be developed that provides completely self-sufficient supply – heating, fresh water, power. Wind, solar and water are used as sources for these supplies, and a ram jet engine allows for safe movement.

Ground Operations Control South

Fraport has built a new base for ground traffic on the south of the airport site. A personnel building with offices, management suite, meeting rooms, break rooms, changing rooms, washing facilities and service bays has been built at the edge of the apron, right next to the aircraft parking area. The personnel building also has a vehicle garage, for servicing apron vehicles.

Terminal building


The four-storey, entirely glazed STAIRWELL BUILDING acts as a point of access and connection to the bus station, taxi rank, regional station, shopping levels and the parking areas, and forms the southern head of the bridge.


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