Airport Terminal
Lodz, Poland


The concept for the new terminal envisages a single-storey configuration of the arrival and departure areas, because as a rule, two-storey arrangements, with the vertical separation of arrivals and departures can only be produced or operated with an annual passenger volume of 1.0 million.
A far-projecting “hovering” roof covers all the terminal facilities and in visual terms combines them into a single unit.
The arch-shaped, wing-like construction has a striking appearance and symbolizes the theme flying and dynamics.
The most important element in the terminal is the central hall. It is the heart of the building, the center of all activities. 
The check-in counter, restaurant, cafe, bar, ticketing facilities and information stand are all located here. 
It is a market hall, piazza, meeting point, providing waiting passengers, visitors, and those meeting travelers with an interesting view of the apron, with planes taking off, landing, or taxiing out for take-off.
Even the ground floor of the hall permits a direct view of the aircraft from the entrance and the approach. Via a spacious staircase and circular opening in the center guests and visitors reach the roof, where there is a restaurant, roof terrace and a conference room.
The offices housing various airport services and the administration are located in the upper storey and are accessed via the entrance hall.
All facilities are arranged in a straight line, enabling them to be extended at will without operations being interrupted.
Airport Lodz
o.s.d. ingenieure, Frankfurt / Transsolar, Stuttgart
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