Post Office Management
Warsaw, Poland


A quite differentiated and diverse feel has been suggested for the main post office management offices building, which both blends with the its urban surroundings and has a distinctive and individual style compared to its significantly higher neighbours.
The SIGNIFICANCE and identity of the building is deliberate and in keeping with its role as a public building.
The office levels are ring shaped and surround an internal courtyard. The ring of offices is broken up by three WINTER GARDENS of three stories each, which allow clear views of the city. The winter gardens divide the building into different fire compartments and serve as spaces near work for the employees to enjoy their breaks.
The heart of the building is the generous three-storey CENTRAL HALL on the ground floor. Daylight reaches the public area through a glass dome. The post office and post office bank counters, the conference room with foyer and cloak room, the eating area and public toilets are located around an expanse of water with trees and a cafe deck.
A whole package of innovative building services are envisaged which minimize energy use and include the widest possible range of natural resources (solar energy, intelligent climate control, controlled window ventilation, natural illumination, geothermal cooling etc.) 


Post Office Management, Warsaw
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