Intercity Express Station


The Intercity Express stop in Limburg marks the start of and is the major force behind the urban development. In its geometric abstraction the urban footprint in the shape of an ellipse symbolizes the artificial, island-like character of the new district.
The ecology concept encompasses the use of rain water with an open gutter system, reed bed treatment systems, cisterns and seepage basins, solar heating of the entire building complex by means of collector surfaces with seasonal storage in an underground aquifer accumulator and solar heating of industrial water through collector surfaces with decentralized storage facilities.
The railway hall spans the entire platform, 400 x 60 m, without any form of support. The parabola-shaped main connections are arranged at 20 m intervals. They consist of dual-flange arches, the secondary arches made only of tension elements, thereby keeping the construction as minimalist as possible.
To reinforce the arches and for applying the roofing, diamond-shaped ribbing is attached to the arches.
Stadt Limburg / Deutsche Bahn AG
Prof. Werner Sobek, Stuttgart / Transsolar, Stuttgart
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